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In House Salary Scale

Bob Jones

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Bob Jones
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Hi all, 

For anyone working In House, I understand there isn't a "lock-step" grid you sometimes see at the larger national firms, however, if you can comment with any info you may have on the typical salaries per year of call (in the GTA) that would be helpful. I'm in the midst of interviews so I want to be prepared to have that conversation should I be fortunate enough to be looking at an offer. 

It's my understanding they will come close to the lockstep for my year of call (under 5 years) with a bonus, however, I assume the annual raises (if any) won't match what you could be looking at with the larger firms. 



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We hired a fifth year associate last year and basically matched the salary they had on Bay St at the time. But yeah, once you go in house you basically increase by 2% a year unless you get promoted or have the ability to negotiate something special.

But there is huge variation in pay for in house roles, so it's hard to come up with a rule without knowing more about what type of job.

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