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Re-do LSAT Writing Sample?


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Hey everyone! I was just wondering if there were any merits to re-doing the LSAT writing sample? I wrote my first exam back in August and just wrote the November administration. Although I feel like my writing in the August sample was quite representative of my writing style, I did rush at the end and noticed I had a typo in my answer. Do Canadian law schools really look at the sample? In that case, would it really be worth it to do another sample? 

Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

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  • Law Student

Yes, Canadian schools do look at the writing sample, but it isn't that important. A single typo is not an issue, admissions understands that the writing sample is done under time pressure. If that is your only issue in the first sample then I wouldn't bother rewriting, for all you know you'll have a typo in your second attempt too.

Major issues would be things like repeated grammar and spelling mistakes, failure to present an actual argument, etc. They are also checking to make sure your writing sample is not wildly different from your personal statement. For example, an extremely well written personal statement and a writing sample filled with mistakes — this would indicate that you had a lot of help with your personal statement.

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