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So how does it look if I re take the LSAT 4 times? It says on the websites for schools they only look at the highest but would it impact my chances a lot. Help please. 

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It really depends, if your scores are consistently going up it shouldn't be a problem. You have to weigh the risk of them seeing a bunch of scores against the improvement of each score (or projected improvement of a fourth attempt). 

I would assume they don't care too much unless there is a huge jump or outlier score- in which case it might benefit you to write an addendum wherever possible.

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For schools that take your highest LSAT - the majority of Canadian schools - the fact that you have taken four writes (in and of itself) will not significantly impact your chances. That’s the good news! The mediocre news is that four times is unusual, though not unprecedented, so it may be a factor all else equal.

So, I think a question you need to ask yourself before deciding is do you have a realistic expectation that writing the exam an additional time (assuming you’re at count 3 at the moment) would increase your score? If the answer to that is yes, then by all means take the exam without worry. Don’t even think about it. Channel your inner Nike and Just Do It @TM. If the answer is no or you don’t know and just want to take the exam to see what happens, then the response is: it might help, it might hurt and only you can decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. Your tradeoff in the latter situation is the potential for a chance increase vs potential for a chance decrease or same score with one additional write. 

Having said that, IMHO if you are PTing above your previous scores by at least a couple points, and your existing scores are not satisfactory for admission or are on the edge, then I would definitely take the exam again. The pros outweigh the pretty meek cons. 

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