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Is Uvic Law open to Diverse Views or only Left Wing?


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23 hours ago, Diplock said:

Speaking as a criminal defence lawyer, I can absolutely confirm that the legal profession is accessible to individuals such as the OP who insists on turning even normal social interactions into whatever the hell this is. I don't disagree that the original guess as to his issues and perspective was warranted. Any thread that starts with "I'm so balanced and free-thinking in my perspectives that I'm afraid I won't be accepted in law school" has so many assumptions and issues baked into it that the warning signs are clear, to anyone who knows what they look like. That said, if I'm going to give a fair answer, can someone like this succeed in law school and get into the legal profession, assuming the grades, LSAT, and academic ability are there to support it? Yes. Because God knows I have colleagues just like that.

So, OP, you have the answer you were looking for, and also the argument you were asking for. There isn't anything that's going to keep you out of the legal profession - not even your deep-seated suspicion that people who disagree with you are trying to do just that. But I also suspect you habour this hope that if you only get into a room of smart enough and well-enough educated people, they'll suddenly realize how much sense you are making and in contrast to everyone else in your life to this point (i.e. people too dumb to recognize your obvious intelligence) you'll find acceptance. That isn't going to happen either. Because your problem isn't that you have views opposed to some leftist consensus. It's just that you're being a dick about it.

In summary, there are dicks in the legal profession, and you can certainly be one if you want to and you're capable of getting that far. But other people in the legal profession are still going to know that you're a dick, and treat you accordingly.

What about those individuals who are not really all there? Like they are not mouth - breathers, but they are not really on the same page with the rest of their colleagues either? You know, someone who is a bit too happy to be there?

Like they are a few mental points above being officially labelled? Those who are way too optimistic, but someone who you would rather not have a serious conversation with or refer clients to? Someone who you know whose parents were actually surprised that they got accepted into law school, let alone graduate and get called to the bar?

asking for a very very close friend.

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