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Posts in this topic should be restricted to confirming your acceptance and including your stats. Quick clarifying questions to a post are permitted but any other type of post or discussion will be deleted. 

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Belated post but figured I'd include my stats for the benefit of future applicants.

Waitlisted July 6, admitted Aug 11. 

Uni applicant, McGill BSc undergrad. Anglophone with report cards from 2 YMCA French courses serving as proof of French (in addition to having lived in Montreal for 6 years). Did not receive an interview.

CGPA 3.28 / L2 3.85 per my transcript, but with McGill not including Winter 2020 in the calculation it's somewhere around CGPA 3.2 / L2 3.8. 165 LSAT (October), lots of ECs including extensive competitive debating CV at the international level. Wrote a letter of extenuating circumstances for my ADHD being untreated for 4/5 years of my degree. Included documentation.

While I thought my references were nothing special (I read one of them and it was really sweet but I figured everyone's references rave about them), they were cited in my admissions letter as being something that impressed the AdComm.

Accepted the offer! Surprised to have been admitted but excited to be here 🙂

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