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UVic Law Index Score, Grade Conversion & Drops Guide


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Hi All, 

Moved the below collected info from old form to reddit wiki and now hopefully to its final resting spot. No guarantees are made on its accuracy or any future changes that may impact how everything is calculated. Please reach out to the university & admissions directly if you have any questions or need confirmation. 

Official timelines, dates for deadlines, last LSAT accepted, application costs, etc. can be found on the university's website: https://www.uvic.ca/law/

Grading Scale:

UVic will convert your grades to a 4.33 GPA scale. First each grade is converted to a grade point on the 4.33 system, then each of these grades are tallied up to a total sum. After, starting from the lowest grade point, each is subtracted until the appropriate discounts are applied. Then the new total is divided by the total number of credits to get your average GPA that will be used.

UVic 4.33 Scale UVic 9 Point Scale Letter Grade Percentage Grade
4.33 9 A+ 90-100
4.00 8 A 85-89
3.67 7 A- 80-84
3.33 6 B+ 75-79
3.00 5 B 70-74
2.67 4 B- 65-69
2.33 3 C+ 60-64
2.00 2 C 55-59
1.00 1 D 50-54
0.00 0 F 0-49

Official GPA calculations site provided in Useful Links section below.

Courses/Credits Dropped:

Use the below table to identify how many credits get discounted for the GPA calculation. Each of the drops is a one semester long course.

For 120 credit degrees:

Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted
96-103.9 6
104-115.9 12
116-127.9 18
128-139.9 24
140+ 30

For 60 credit degrees:

Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted
48-51.9 3
52-57.9 6
58-63.9 9
64-69.9 12
70+ 15

Example: If you have 60 credits according to the bottom table, then 9 credits are discounted. Each one-semester course is 1.5 credits then that means 6 courses are dropped, starting from the lowest grade.

Index Formula:

(GPA on 4.33 scale * 125) + (LSAT Percentile * 5)

Example: (4.0 * 125) + (85 * 5) = 925 .. then 925 is the index score of someone with a 4.00/4.33 GPA and 85 Percentile LSAT.

Auto Admissions:

Historically, auto admissions have ranged from 905 to 915+ depending on the year (based on information provided by admissions in the past and self-reporting on the forum). This does not mean in the future the auto admissions will always remain in this band.

If you are below the auto admissions cut-off it doesn't mean you will not have a chance, but it appears being above the auto admission cut-off gives you a very strong chance.

The auto-admissions range primarily is for first year JD regular category admissions. Discretionary category & JID applicants may have different requirements.

Application Status:

After you've applied, below are some examples of application statuses:

Application Status Description
Applicant Cancelled Applicant withdrew application prior to admission decision
App Forwarded for Review This stage may take several months
Additional item(s) required See Requirements checklist for missing items
Law - Hold Your application has been evaluated and a final decision is pending. This stage may take several months.
Law Conditional Offer Accepted See your offer letter for the conditions that must be met.
Law - to Committee for review This stage may take several months.
Decision Pending Your application has been reviewed but a final decision has not been made.

Useful Links:

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How many credits is a typical one-semester-long course worth at UVic? 3 credits?


EDIT: my bad, I see that this info is in the original post! apologies.

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Realized I missed the answer to my question in the original post
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  • Undergrad

Hi all,

I have completed 140 credits. Each course is either 3(lower division) or 4(upper division) credits. According to the chart above, 140+ credits will allow a 30 credit discount which translates to 20 courses assuming each course is worth 3 credits. 

Is this correct? 

20 courses seem a few too many. I assumed 30 credits would translate to 10 courses worth 3 credits each. No?



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  • Law Student

140 credits on a 120 credit degree should allow you to drop your lowest 30 credits. This should amount to 10 3-credit courses, not 20.

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