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Splitter should I even apply.


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self calculated GPA of 3.0 on 4.33 scale after drops

LSAT of 170 

Worked full time throughout university, strong ECs with campus and political engagement, 

Applying as a Black student with learning disability [immigrant, single parent, troubled household, not sure if that helps]

Wonder if I should make a late application after realizing UVic has a discretionary category 

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I feel like I should change my name to "Splitter Guy" at this point.

I have similar stats and have had some success this cycle. My inbox is always open. In short: yes, you should apply.

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You should apply 'discresionary' as well. I know they only start reviewing them around this time, so you shouldn't be at a disadvantage if you get it in soon.
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Similar profile here (although not a visible minority) as well, applied broadly, also got a bunch of acceptances. It's a crapshoot but if you put in enough applications you will have options and some will probably be damn good.

Congrats on your LSAT score, it will open doors.

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On 1/12/2022 at 7:56 AM, justnivek1 said:

Applying as a Black student with learning disability [immigrant, single parent, troubled household, not sure if that helps]

UVic very much wants people like you. I say this as a student with mainly the opposite characteristics (checking most of the privilege boxes), but more or less sharing in the preference for a more diverse school.

 Please do apply, and focus strongly on your letter. 🙂

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My original wording was sincere but a bit overdramatic. ;)
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I applied regular with a subpar GPA that put me at an index score around ~870, explained extenuating factors on the application and what it taught me (there's a special box in the application about anything else they should know), outlined relevant work history/accomplishments in the outline of activities they ask for, and received an offer around April. I think they are more holistic than applicants give them credit for, but they are indeed still tough. 

Absolutely apply discretionary as that allows you to provide documentation and speak more to those factors. 

Also: you should apply broadly next cycle if this cycle doesn't work out. I was uncertain of my chances but luckily landed 8 offers and got the privilege to choose from them. The application cost and effort can be a deterrent, but with a solid LSAT and compelling application package, you can definitely get into a good school.  

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