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How to tackle big words?


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15 minutes ago, Hegdis said:

Break it down and look for indicators. For example if it has “bi” or “tri” or “quad” you have 2, 3, or 4.

Google is always a solid backup. 

I cant use google during an exam lol.

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If you're talking about the very technical often science/medical terms they throw in you can usually just ignore that particular word and call it by its first letter. Like if you see acetylsalicylic just call it A. 

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If you end up doing a lot of PTs (which you should do) then you will see that they like to use some of the same strange words often. Off the top of my head "deleterious" comes to mind. A word like that you can deduce from the word itself, 'delete' is in it. Try and remember those but besides that context will usually do it.

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I also almost got perfect on a very tough RC but didn't know 'preponderance'... it just means 'most'.
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