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Keeping track of conflicts


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I am considering lateralling to a new firm, and hoping for some insight.

What is the normal process for performing conflict searches (and keeping track of clients / opposing parties from your prior firm) after moving?

Any recommendations/resources are much appreciated! 


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I am a bit old fashioned. I have an Excel Spreadsheet through which I keep track of every file where I have acted as counsel/articling student/law student and every consultation I have done. When I change firms, I ask the firm to provide me with a list of previous and existing clients. I do a line by line search to see which files I "cannot touch" in PClaw.

I think many firms have internal conflict checking systems. You can just hand your personal list of conflicts over.  

The quickest way is to look up the new firm's files where your previous firm(s) acted for the other party or an added respondent/applicant.

Edit: never a bad idea to consult LSO Rules of Professional Conduct (if you are in Ontario) at R.3.4

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