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STUCK at a hump!


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I wrote the Jan LSAT and scored a 155. 

I am writing next week again and am stuck at this 155-158 hump. 

When I blind review I always get all LG questions correct and about 90% of the LR.

Any tips on how to break through this hump into the 160s? (Just a few points away!). Any encouraging advice is greatly appreciated 🙂

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If you are getting all LG correct and 90% of LR then theres something wrong with the third section and you should spend as much time on that as possible. Make sure you are timing yourself and doing blind review. 

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4 minutes ago, squirrel said:

Have you read Mike’s LSAT trainer? It helped me raise my reading comp score by a decent amount.

I'm convinced that Mike's LSAT trainer got me into law school. I second this suggestion. 

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