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[LS.ca] University of Victoria: 2017-2021 Admissions Data


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Hi everyone,

I'm (slowly) working on compiling the admissions data for all schools, since it was invaluable to me as an applicant. As this is a time-consuming manual process that requires me to save each page individually, I will only be going back 5 years to 2017. I hope future applicants will find it helpful!

This is the post for University of Victoria.

University of Victoria - Accepted 2017.pdf University of Victoria - Accepted 2018.pdf University of Victoria - Accepted 2019.pdf University of Victoria - Accepted 2020.pdf University of Victoria - Accepted 2021.pdf University of Victoria - Waitlisted 2017.pdf University of Victoria - Waitlisted 2018.pdf University of Victoria - Waitlisted 2019.pdf University of Victoria - Waitlisted 2020.pdf University of Victoria - Waitlisted 2021.pdf

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Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the insane amount of work @Rainology has put into archiving these threads. This is really important information - and it's fantastic that they've provided it for future applicants. 

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