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CEGEP Level Interview - Tips and Questions


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Hello all!

I was recently contacted for an interview with McGill for the BCL/JD , and am quite anxious for it.

I hear that opinion questions on legal state of the world are to be expected, and that personal queries are key.

Has anybody done the interview at CEGEP level, and what do they suggest as a mean of preparation? What are ways to adequately prepare? How demanding is the interview? What are examples of questions demanding legal knowledge? What are some tips you can give out, and what are the chances of selection post-interview?

Thank you so , so much to you all ! All and any advice is so appreciated and helpful. Have a great day!

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  • Lawyer

Hi HopingLaw, I hope it's not too late and congrats for getting the invite!

McGill alumni (and former Cegep applicant) here. I was admitted about 10 years ago, so please take what I write with a grain of salt. 

Like you, I was reading through all the posts in the forum and messaging anyone who looked like they were a current student or alumni and asking for tips (and  a few responded to me). 

As a first tip, I would suggest you asked the admission office for the name of the professors who will be interviewing you (this is actually a tip I received from another user when I was applying). You can then take some time to read/research on their background, teaching, etc.

As a second tip, I would say, know your personal statement very well - e.g. why you wrote what you did, how will you achieve what you wrote, what are the difficulties you could expect, etc. You may also get a "why mcgill" and "why now" queries, but they won't be key (as you already wrote about them in your PS). 

Third, prepare a brief introduction of yourself - no need to be excessive and repeat your entire CV/personal statement, this will likely be used as an "ice breaker" at the beginning. Also, prepare some questions to ask your interviewers at the end (hence why you should ask for their names).  

At my time, some "law-related" questions I had was related to the ban of the kirpan (security vs religious freedom), which was a hot topic back then. I wouldn't necessarily say one needs legal knowledge to be able to discuss this topic, but they should at least read the news, know/understand the perspectives from both sides, have their own opinions. 

At my time, I had two professors as my interviewers. I came from an anglophone cegep and all my application materials were in English. My interview started in English, but I had some queries in French midway, and I switched my responses in French. I did my high school in French though, so I cannot tell how much my ability to speak French mattered (as opposed to knowing enough French to understand the queries but responding in English).  

In terms of the post-interview selection, I got my letter around noon the next day - that's only my own experience, please don't stress if you don't get it though. 

I hope the above helps you and other Cegep applicants a little. I still remember how stressful the process was. When I walked out of the room, I literally think I failed it. 

If I think of other issues, I will update my post. Please feel free to message me if you have any queries. 



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