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I was hoping that someone who has experience with writing the NCA exams would share some insight on the difficulties of the exams. I am currently finishing my first year of the 2 year accelerated program and am debating whether to take the NCA or the LLM route. 

A few questions that I have are: 

1. how difficult were the exams? (If possible please rate the difficulty of each subject) 

2. how long did you study for your NCA exams?

3. how many exams did you write per sitting? 

4. do you wish that you chose the LLM route instead?

Thank you for your time.


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  • NCA Candidate

Sorry for reviving an old post, but anyone that needs some guidance, do yourself a favour and work your way through Constitutional, Foundations and Admininstrative law first, then Criminal and PR. There are plenty of free and paid resources out there, but nothing beats a study group of some sort, and having framework responses to general questions.

If you have also been assessed the additional three Contracts, Property, Torts, you are out of luck as there are not many resources out there, but it is still doable with lots of patience and exercise practice.

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