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Introducing Resource Articles (and discontinuing lawapplicants.ca)


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Hey folks,

Happy spring!

As part of our mission to grow this site as a resource for applicants, students, and lawyers, we think there is a need for a long-form, permanent area where important information pertinent to each of our member groups (i.e., applicants, students, and lawyers) can be consolidated and made accessible.

We envision this area being used for articles such as, among innumerable other useful topics, a summary of the law school admission process, summer jobs and OCIs, and early career resources. Some of this content we may pluck from informative forum posts; others we are drafting ourselves. You can find this new section by clicking "Articles" on the top menu.

If you are interested in contributing, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or another mod. We would appreciate the help in growing each of the pertinent areas.

One of the first sets of articles is the fulsome FAQ from the lawapplicants.ca website. This is now in a dedicated section called the Applicant FAQ.

Speaking of lawapplicants.ca: after nearly 5 years in service, I have taken it down and redirected all of the traffic to this site. The admissions data on there had become stale (it was, after all, last updated in 2018), and compiling all of that again will take more time than I am able to dedicate to it right now. Rather than have people play around with really old information, I felt it was best to remove it altogether. With respect to the cGPA calculator -- I know this was a handy tool for a lot of applicants so I am sorry that it is no longer accessible. I do at some point intend to move the OLSAS cGPA calculator to this site as a plugin to the forums, but that is a longer-term plan. In the meantime, the Applicant FAQ links to the official OLSAS conversion table, which together with some basic Excel work, should be a sufficient alternative.

Until next time,


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I've updated the old GPA calculator, which was my first project that I had linked on the old forums. It was originally superseded by lawapplicants.ca, mainly because with the new calculator, you were able to save your grades and also calculate if you went to multiple schools. But given that the lawapplicants calculator has been discontinued, I dusted this old one off and you can use that for now. It should suffice to generally estimate your OLSAS GPA for the majority of applicants.

It's available here.

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