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  • Law Student

Decided to start a separate thread for students on the Discretionary Waitlist.

I was ranked number 7 today.

Historically, how many students are accepted off the Discretionary Waitlist? I don’t know if it’s worth waiting around or if it’s better to accept other offers. 

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  • Applicant

I'm not sure about specifics, but I do remember seeing a comment from years ago alluding to the discretionary waitlist not moving much. Which would make sense, much smaller accepted applicant pool with stats not as competitive in regular categories in other schools. I'm 3rd and I'm not holding my breath. I find it hopeful that I was considered for the waitlist during such a competitive year, and plan to strengthen my application for next cycle. 

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  • Law School Admit

I'm ranked 6th and have accepted my offer elsewhere -- like @TruthHandlingAbilities, I'm not holding my breath for it either. Best of luck though, and congrats to us for being waitlisted despite it all! 

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