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Hey everyone! 2L Bora Laskin student here. I’m looking for 2 more law students to live in a $600/month, all inclusive house a 5 minute walk from the law school. Close to all amenities, on-site parking, and you’d be living with friendly and studious fellow law students. Feel free to message me for more information- or if you have any questions about Thunder Bay / Lakehead! Can’t wait to meet you all this fall :)! 

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Good afternoon,


 My name's Jared and I will be attending Bora Laskin Faculty of Law in September for 1L. My current living arrangement is to live with my friend's parents in TB. Although they are offering me quite the deal (600/month, no lease) they live about 10km North of TB and I'm worried that my motor vehicle expense will make my living arrangements less than cost efficient. I also foresee a lot of challenges with not living close to the law school. 


A bit about myself - I am 28 years old, male, married, and have long outgrown my "party years". I am clean, organized, easy to get along with and I will only be bringing the bare necessities with me, as my wife and I have a place in London Ontario, where we're from. My wife is staying in London and she will probably come to visit a weekend each month. I will be in London during most school breaks (winter break, reading week, etc.). I'm working part-time as a process server in TB while navigating through 1L, and I see a lot of benefits in sharing a home with mature, studious law students such as yourself! My current living arrangement is quite flexible so I wanted to reach out to you to determine what all of my options are.


As a side note - I manage a process serving/private investigations company in London and have quite a bit of knowledge about OCJ, SCJ and Divisional Court procedures (especially in family, civil, small claims, estate and criminal law). The company I work for shares an office with a couple of small and boutique family law firms, so I have a fair bit of insight into the day-to-day operations of a law firm (at least within the context of a small family practice). I believe my past experience afford me a unique perspective that will benefit my fellow aspiring lawyers. 


If you're still looking for a roommate, my email address is jascrimg@lakeheadu.ca. I'd love to hear from you and discuss this matter with you further. 


Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your summer break!




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