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Looking to make a career change, looking for some advice accessing chances. cGPA 2.91, L2/B2 3.3, LSAT 168


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Hey y'all, a little about my background-

Undergrad GPA: 2.9-3.0

Grad school GPA: 3.9 (math)

Undergrad extracurriculars include: president of fraternity, Student Gov't, highly ranked national chess player. I've been working as an actuary for the past couple years, don't really enjoy it.

Scored a 168 on the LSAT, looking to retake it in August. Hoping to sneak into the low 170s, will be studying 4 hours a day (is this score attainable?)

Also, would appreciate anyone in my GPA range's experience in the admissions process, as I know this is a below median GPA.


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Edit: I'm an idiot and didn't see that you put your L2/B2 in the title!

Is there a reason for the lower cGPA? If so, you might be able to apply access. I do not think you will be competitive applying in the general category at many schools even if you break into the 170s. 

If you are not able to apply access, I believe that UofA takes graded graduate courses into account when calculating your GPA -- your graduate GPA combined with your LSAT score would be competitive there. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/programs/jd/admissions/index.html

Generally if someone is admitted with a cGPA or LSAT score (or both) well below a school's median, what tips the scales in their favour over other applicants with identical or similar stats is something else in their application (or they have an access claim). So while it's good to hear that others below the median are admitted -- and they definitely are -- it's usually because of something else in their application that can't necessarily be replicated. 

This thread might be helpful:


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Similar stats. Slightly higher cGPA not counting grad school, 160 LSAT. Grad school was 3.8 GPA. Worked for past 8 years in a position of importance at my company.

Anyway, I was a late admit but I'm in! I'd say that your LSAT being what it is will be a help, but if you manage to get it into the 170s your chances increase even more.

Make sure you get strong references and that your personal statement comments on why your GPA was lower (I.e. maybe you were not in the right program for you;  recognized your strengths and adapted. Maybe something emotionally/physically/mentally adverse happened to you,  etc.).

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OP, you'll definitely have a few options with those stats: Windsor, Lakehead, Ryerson to name a few, a decent shot for UOttawa I would think.

I know someone who got into Alberta with similar undergrad stats, no grad school and a 171 LSAT. But this was a number of years ago.

I suppose the better question is: what are your target schools? 

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