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I will be starting 1L at UVIC this Fall, and was just wondering how much would we be spending on books and course material for 1L? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm just trying to figure out the budget for the first year! 

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It's really, really hard to say because

1) Some profs won't use textbooks, and you don't know yet if you have those profs.

2) If your courses do have texts, those texts will range in price from $25 to $200 or so.

I guess this still allows a bit of a ballpark calculation... if half your classes have textbooks, and the mean price of those texts is about $100, then you're looking at $400 or so. But luck could put you higher or lower.

Or you might be a huge nerd like me who actually buys extra,  non-required texts for most courses because he thinks it will help him learn...


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We were allowed to print the Coursepack provided to us online. So I spent on avg of $30 getting them printing and coiling. I had total of 5 books printed from Staples. So it was not too bad for cost of text books. 

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Constitutional - all course materials provided in PDF except for one book, $10, sold and broke even

Contracts - $90?, used, sold and broke even

LLP (statutory interpretation) - all course materials provided in PDF, $0

Criminal - $120, had to buy it new as they had changed to a new edition that year, sold it for a pretty decent amount so I basically wasn't too much out of pocket 

Property - all course materials provided in PDF, $0

Research and writing - all course materials provided in PDF, $0

Torts - $50, used, sold to break even


After selling all my textbooks in 2L, I was about $20 or so out of pocket from first year textbooks (mostly because of the new crim book).


2L: Upper year textbooks can be really expensive where they are assigned for classes that aren't required, albeit a lot of profs still provide their own materials by PDF at no charge to you.

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