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Windsor Law vs. US T2


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I have received an offer as a transfer student to attend Windsor Law this upcoming fall. I completed my 1L year, and the first semester of my 2L year, at a Law School here in the United States. The school's ranking fluctuates between 60-70 over the past few years according to US News rankings. My largest concern is in regard to employability, and I would like to aim for BigLaw or a larger full-service firm but the avenues to enter may be limited. I am having trouble deciding because I did fare well in my academics; I was selected to the Dean's Honor List and my class rank at the end of last semester places me near the top 1/3 (Top 38%). In addition, I am clerking at a criminal defense law firm here in the U.S over the summer, and I feel appreciated and welcomed by the Partners. They have offered for me to work with them over the next school year, and I have also discussed the possibility of visa sponsorship and the firm would be willing to sponsor me when that time comes. 

The U.S. school does have a strong regional reputation, but their recent employment stats have me a little apprehensive. I searched to find any statistics related to employment for Windsor Law grads, and Canadian law grads for the most part, but have not found any recent information. If I stay in the U.S., I plan on graduating from the U.S. school after the December 2023 semester and would be able to sit for the bar exam in February of 2024. At Windsor Law, I would have to add an extra semester so I do essentially lose a semester because I would graduate in 2024. Also, having to article for a year means I wait until 2025 to be barred in Ontario. 

Also, I was unable to write on for law review my first year, and missed the deadline this year (I know, poor planning on my part). So there isn't really any huge incentive of landing BigLaw from where I am now. The OCI employers at the U.S. school are quite limited, and the BigLaw positions are quite sparse for students from my school. I did apply to Toronto firms through viLaw, and would have the option of participating in OCI at Windsor. 

In terms of long term preference, I do consider Canada my first option. But, the U.S has grown on me since I first started law school. I do have the option to make trips back to Canada quite often so I am not homesick or anything like that. I feel like both options are viable, and I wouldn't be much "worse-off" if I chose one over the other. It also gets a little trickier, my fiancee is in medical school and she most likely will do her residency in the U.S., but Canada is still an option for her if I transfer back. Please if anyone can provide any insight. 

Important to note: 

- I am a Canadian citizen.

- I did receive a scholarship at the U.S. school, and was able to finance most of my expenses through savings and haven't taken on any sizeable loans. 

- I am a mature student with 10+ years of professional experience (I worked in insurance and had roles in underwriting).

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