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To Cancel or Not to Cancel?


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So the August exam was my first LSAT ever and I scored a 162 when I was PTing in the high 160s (with my highest score being 173). I know that the general consensus is don't cancel a score but my top choice for law school is McGill, which takes the average LSAT score. Granted, McGill's median is 164 and my score is not far too off, but I know that I could do better this coming October (the exam day was a nightmare with anxiety and everything) so I'm hesitating if I should cancel my score or not. I think the rest of my application is pretty strong, with a 4.1X GPA and strong extracurriculars, work experience, and LORs. What would do you if you were in my shoes? Any help would be much appreciated! 

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People often PT higher than their actual scores. Let's say you score 169 on your next attempt. You might regret not cancelling for McGill, but I can't see it really hurting you. 

Let's say you score 158-160 on your next attempt. You'd really be kicking yourself for cancelling, and this WOULD make difference with many of your backup schools as well as McGill.

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