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When to start applying for associate position?


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I’m currently doing my articling year outside of Nova Scotia, but I plan on returning back to Nova Scotia after I’m done this year. I was wondering when firms start to hire for new associates? I think if I were to be offered a job at my current firm, it would be around February or March. Should I expect to wait until after I potentially get an offer? Or should I be looking sooner?

Further, any insight into how many firms are hiring new associates would be appreciated!

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Not sure about the province you’re articling in, but firms in Ontario tend to finalize their associate hires in March or April. I also suspect you will start seeing signs on whether you’ll be hired back a bit earlier, especially at smaller firms. 

Basically, if you don’t hear anything by April (which would be unusual at a firm that ordinarily hires articling students) then I would straight up ask so you can prepare. In my view, it wouldn’t generally be presumptuous given your circumstances and desire to return to NS if you don’t get hired at your current firm. 

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