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Chances? cGPA- 3.42, L2/B2 - 3.86, LSAT - 163


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I was wondering if someone can tell me what my chances were for schools in Ontario (as I'm an Ontario student). My grades for the first two years weren't consistent which lowered my GPA on the OLSAS scale, and I'm not sure if summer school is considered in the L2/B2 GPA (it would lower it). I'm not sure if schools consider it but I do have quite a few ECs and work experience.

Thanks in advance 🙂  

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we have almost the exact same stats haha — best of luck this cycle!!!

I agree with the above comment, ottawa and queens are probs our best shots

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I think you're likely to get at least one offer from an Ontario school.

I had near identical stats: 3.45 cGPA; 3.8 B2/L2; low 160s LSAT. I was admitted to Queen's in 2021 (and nowhere else). You seem to match closely with our class profile. (https://law.queensu.ca/programs/jd/class-stats)

You are definitely in the running.


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