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Chances of Getting in - Sept 2023?


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I know this is a premature question, as I have yet to write the LSAT (Jan 2023 exam, have been scoring 160s on practices). I have a GPA of around a high 3.9 - probably rounding to a 4.0. 

To be honest, I am shocked at how the pandemic has changed the averages of admission, especially with UofA - at the beginning of my degree, admission average was 3.7, high 150s. 

I did call the admissions office and ask where I stood with a 4.0 GPA, and a 155 LSAT (just to be safe), to which they said I had a pretty solid chance of getting in - until I read similar stats on here being rejected. If this helps at all, I am a mature student (will be 30 when I apply, and I have had previous experience in the legal field, and I currently work for the federal police).

I need the honest truth! Thank you everyone.

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  • Law Student

I'm also applying this cycle so I cannot speak from experience, but it's my impression that you generally want to get out of the 150s with your LSAT unless the school's median is in the 150s. If your LSAT doesn't improve, your ECs might make up for a weaker LSAT, but I wouldn't count on it. I really recommend trying to grind that 160+. As a general rule, if either your LSAT or your GPA is below the school's median, then admission is really uncertain. All the best! Go crush the Jan LSAT. 

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  • Law School Admit

I was rejected last year with a 157 3.7 I am applying again with a 163 3.8 and I would say that I am a borderline acceptance/waitlist. If you scored a 160 or 161 id say you would be borderline waitlist/acceptance but I'm not on the admission council and I don't have perfect information so take it with a grain of salt. I would say in order to be a lock at this point you would need a 164 at minimum. Hope this helps

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  • Law Student

There'll be a 2022-2023 admitted applicant profile released soon. Wait for that. It'll give you a good indication of what LSAT score you should aim for.

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  • Articling Student

Averages of 163 and 3.81 according to the prospectus posted to the admissions portion of the website.

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