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6 Tips for Writing a Great Personal Statement - UBC Article

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If some of you are last minute people, here are some tips from UBC about writing a great personal statement. I have copied the content below if the blog post ever disappears. 


As part of your JD application to Allard Law, most applicants – those applying under the General Category – will need to submit a personal statement. The personal statement is your opportunity to present us with a clear picture of who are, what’s important to you, and why you’re interested in Allard Law.

There isn’t a set of “right answers” and each person’s unique circumstances will shape their personal statement. Use the tips below to help guide you.


  • Tell us about yourself and why you want to study Law. How has your past education, employment, extracurricular activities and/or other experiences prepared you for the study of law? (Maximum 500 words.)
  • Tell us about a time when you assisted in resolving a dispute or disagreement and why you chose the approach that you did.  (Changes from year to year. Maximum 400 words.) 
  • Tell us about how equity and diversity have mattered in your life. (Maximum 400 words.)


  • Answer the questions. It can be easy to get carried away with your response and forget about what was being asked. Read the questions carefully and don’t forget to circle back to them.
  • Tell us something new. Find a way to answer the questions in interesting and compelling ways by pulling from past experiences that are unique to you.
  • Use critical reflection. When revisiting your personal experiences, think about what happened and note things that you would do differently or that you were happy about in the end.
  • Provide specific examples. We’re eager to read about how you are a great public speaker, or a highly organized and focused individual, or a natural leader, but it’s not enough to simply exclaim that you possess a certain skill or ability; back it up with evidence. Talk about how you have used these skills and how will you continue to use them.
  • Relate things back to Allard Law. We’re interested in knowing why think you would be a good fit for Allard Law. Research the school and reflect on why you want you want to study here.
  • Be honest. Focus on telling us about who you are rather than what you think we want to hear.
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  • Law School Admit

Adding to this (for any school) read their strategic plan. For Allard you can find it here: https://allard.ubc.ca/about-us/strategic-plan

The strategic plan gives you an idea of what the school is trying to do. If you can't find another reason why you think you specifically want to be at Allard and why you think you would be a good fit, maybe you can find something in the strategic plan. 

I applied to Allard twice. The first time I got feedback that it wasn't clear why I would be a good fit. Revamped my statement (and upped my LSAT score) and got in the second time around. 

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