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Accepted to Lakehead 2023


Message added by Ryn,

Posts in this topic should be restricted to confirming your acceptance and including your stats. Quick clarifying questions to a post are permitted but any other type of post or discussion will be deleted. 

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  • Applicant

Just got the call 40 minutes ago! Applied at the deadline. 164 LSAT and 3.54 GPA without any drops. 

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Summa Cum Laude
  • Applicant

Got in last week too!

LSAT: Cancelled, 151, 153, 161

cGPA: 3.63

B20: 3.95

Undergrad in engineering (tho not sure if it helped), lots of work and volunteer experience, strong LORs.

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  • Law Student

Late to reply. Accepted. 

Was strongly considering going the UK route after missing the deadline for Ontario schools last year, glad I decide to wait it out. 

LSAT 158

GPA 3.45

Strong recommendation letters and work experience in the justice system. Applied general.

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  • Applicant

Received a call today at 2:20pm EST ! 

cGPA: 3.79 (OLSAS)

LSAT: 153

Strong connections to involvement in the Indigenous community in my PS

Applied General

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  • Applicant

Got the call last week around noon EST

Applied general.

cGPA: 3.89 OLSAS

LSAT: 154

Decent ECs, solid recommendation letters and currently working in the justice system.

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  • Law School Admit

Got the call early December! 


3.2 cGPA

3.6 L2

strong work experience/NO connection

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  • Applicant

Got the call around noon today!

3.35cGPA 3.88 B2/L2 165 LSAT 

Decent ECs related to peer mentorship and community building. 

Good luck everyone! 

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