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1L Grade Protocol?


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Just completed my first semester at Uvic. I’ve been left completely in the dark about midterm grades and am unsure who to ask.
Can anyone kindly inform me on the grade release protocol for December exams? How and when can I expect to receive any feedback? 

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Hi spiderman (my kid is a big fan, by the way, thanks for the custom birthday video).

Pace yourself; at UVic you have three years of confusion ahead of you in terms of grade releases, curves/lack-of-curves/denial-of-curves, etc! 🙂

For LLP (I think this is the sole "fall-only" course this year), your final mark will probably be posted online in the larger UVic portal (not Brightspace) at the end of next week, but don't be surprised if it slips to the following week. For your courses that were just mid-terms, your profs could in theory release grades at any time, but as I recally they did not come any earlier. Any prof who is also teaching an upper-year/one-term course will probably want to prioritize marking for courses which will result in a final grade.

If you get an e-mail this week saying "we expect all grades to be posted on...", don't pay too much attention and don't schedule your week around receiving the grades. These predicted dates don't usually seem to pan out!

The other thing to keep in mind, as it relates to 1L mid-term grades, is that it will be difficult to make sense of them. The process of coming up with a grades is pretty opaque. Depending on how everyone else did on the mid-term, and how they end up doing on the final, you may find that your final marks to be very unlike your mid-term ones in ways you don't expect. It sucks because we all know 1L marks are important, but there's not much to be done about the numbers other than trying your best, which you are probably already doing!

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