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"First university degree" Clarification

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Hello friends!

I'm trying to guesstimate what my UBC application average will be and the academic calendar states that "only those years of undergraduate study making up the first undergraduate degree that are complete at the time of deadline for application are considered." I did one year at one university, dropped out, did not transfer any credits, and am now about to graduate from my 2nd university with an entirely different degree. I figured I would ask before I emailed if anyone knew if my one-off year would be counted in my application GPA? I will submit all transcripts of course but I would not be upset if they would omit that year in their calculation 😅

Thank you very much!

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Typically law school only look at credits that earned your bachelor's degree. You said you didn't transfer the credits so they most likely won't consider that year's gpa. Still, you should email the admission for any question in the event they come up with some idiosyncratic ideas this year.

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