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Submitting 1L Transcript to Firms


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My school recently released 1L grades for our first semester. Because of health complications during exam season, I didn't end up doing too well. For the firms that asked me to submit transcripts later through email, would it be appropriate to provide short context/explanation for my grades? I'm worried they will disregard the application completely upon seeing my grades (especially w the competitive nature of some of these positions) & was hoping this could help

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I think it would depend on just how bad your grades are. 

If they really are well below median, go ahead and add some kind of addendum. I don't think it'll work, but you have nothing to lose. 

If, however, your marks are just average I wouldn't bother sumbitting anything. Because that just comes off as whiny and I'd suspect firms would hold it against you. 

None of this is to diminish what I'm sure was a very legitimate struggle you had. But the firms expectation would likely be that you and your school work to ensure your transcript reflects those challenges. And they (the firms) aren't in the business of assessing the legitimacy of these requests. 

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