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Last communication from TMU?

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Hi all...


Just kind of worried about no movement on my application? What was the last communication you got from TMU?


My last communication was "application next steps" on November 11th.... Should I be worried? Is this common?

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  • Law Student

You don't hear from them at all until you get a decision made and it's sent as a letter in your 'communications' tab under myservicehub. A few of us also happened to get emails sent to us letting us know we were accepted but it doesn't seem to be the standard. I wouldn't worry yet, it's just annoying because there's no portal/status changes so you feel like you're in the dark. 

Last round of offers have a deadline of April 1, so there will be another round from those that decline. Good luck!

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  • Applicant

Same, haven't heard anything after that Nov 11th communication.  I imagine it means I'm just in the list of imminent rejections to be sent out at the end. 

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