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Housing in Edmonton


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Hey everybody,

I'm planning on accepting my offer from UofA and naturally ive gone from one stage of planning immmediately into the next. I'll be moving from Vancouver and am planning on living off-campus, likely on my own. 

Would love to hear everybody's recommendations for good neighbourhoods/buildings, and ones to stay away from if you'd like to throw that in there as well. I'm thinking living in walking distance from campus would be preferable but i've read there can be some good deals further away if you're willing to transit so any and all reccomendations are welcome.

I've also never done this whole apartment hunting thing before so forgive me if this is a stupid question but seeing as i wont be moving in till the end of summer is there any point in looking now? seems likely that if i find a good place it'll be scooped up between now and then.

I'm thinking many people will have a similar question sooner or later so hopefully this will be helpful for them to look back on,


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Edmontonian here! First off, congratulations!

Second, stay away from downtown. It’s just very hectic, traffic can get bad, and the neighbourhoods are just not great/safe.

If you’re planning to live Northside, North-west is the only viable option, just south of St.Albert, north of 137 street (Oxford, Albany area).
Never go North-East no matter what. Just trust me. 

South is pretty safe, Millwoods has some very nice areas even though it gets a bad rep. South-West has to be the best area, I have never heard anything bad about it (south of the University). However, it is very old.
West is awkwardly far from the University considering the only main ways across the Saskatchewan River are the three bridges heading north-south, and one faaaar west. West side is alright, pretty safe, again just really old. 
It all depends on your budget for rent because the nice/safe areas will always be more expensive. 
Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any other questions if you want me to go more in depth. 

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Congrats! Also life long Edmontonian here! The advice above is.. Interesting. Northeast has some great neighborhoods, but a trek to the uni. It's about 30-40 minutes depending on whether you're taking the train or the bus. I have owned my house here for the last two years in a very nice neighborhood and have never felt safer. 


Downtown has GREAT areas. If you can find a place in the area directly across the river from the university (formerly called Grandin, not sure what it was changed to) you're looking at a 5 minute, one stop train ride. Good bars, great food, safe area. Only I convenience would be grocery shopping is likely a car ride, unless you don't mind a few block walk and to shop at save on. Lived here for a year during my last year of undergrad and it was extremely convenient. 


McKernan/Belgravia is likely the best area to live, very nice, quiet and close to uni but the highest rent prices. Not great for apartments if you're set on that. Lived in this area for two years, definitely more driving involved for everything. 


Further south is Southgate, century park areas. Right on train line, lots of shopping, food and coffee shops. But looking at 15-25 minute train ride or a bus to the train station. Lived in century for a year, more time spent commuting then you initially think. 

West is nice areas,but more car oriented to get around or shop. 


Our transit system is extremely controversial right now. During peak travel times 830-430 it is fairly busy and extremely safe. The later at night you go, the more questionable it becomes. I wouldn't use it past 7 or 8, nor would I want my wife to. But I would have zero hesitation using it as a daily commuter to class. 


TLDR walking is either grandin or McKernan/Belgravia. Lots of apartments right on Saskatchewan drive, but high rental prices. 


If you would like to chat more feel free to pm ☺️ again congrats!

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I second everything above. Don't live in Mill Woods, period. Don't live out near St. Albert unless you have a car, and even then, Riverbend or Glenora would be a better option. Oliver, which I believe is the neighbourhood across the river mentioned above, is very nice and quite convenient, McKernan/Belgravia even more so. My recommendation would be Garneau. It's so close to the university you'd pretty much never have to use the LRT, and the renting situation isn't terrible by any stretch. A nice one bedroom can be found for around $1200. I would particularly recommend living on Whyte (82 Ave) between 109 Street and 112 Street. The Safeway will be just down the road, and you can very easily walk to the law building.

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