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CPLED / PREP course


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I am looking for some info/insight into CPLED/ the PREP course. I’m in Alberta but believe it’s the same idea across various provinces. Any tips/advice on the course and on Capstone? I am just finishing the module portion now. 

Thanks in advance! 

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If you graduated from a Canadian law school, more likely than not your legal skills are around where they need to be to do fine during CPLED. The #1 thing you are learning to do during CPLED is to follow their rubric. Everything else is secondary.  Print off the rubric and have it next to you when you are doing any of the assignments.  Review the rubric before beginning each section of an assignment and review it again before submitting. Look in the EEC box and make sure every part of your assignment complies.

The Virtual Law Firm is low pressure because there is no performance threshold required. Use it to practice with the rubric, pick up any legal skills you are able to, and get a good sense of time management. 

For the practice management and ethical issue memos you will mainly be citing the Law Society of Alberta's Code of Conduct and the CPLED foundation modules. Learn to navigate these quickly as you will have at least one of these assignments everyday during Capstone. 

It's not particularly difficult. The only people I've seen struggle are international students who have English as their second language. 

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