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uAlberta v. uManitoba


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I don't see many posts about Manitoba overall so figured I would reach out and see if anyone has any advice, or what helped them choose (or not choose) either school! Thank you in advance. 🙂 

I am not dead-set on one specific kind of law.. at this stage, I am interested in tech law or business law, and I currently work for the federal government so it would be great to continue doing so with a law degree if possible. I am coming to uAlberta or uManitoba from out of province (Ontario), with no family so I'll be on my own. I am open to staying after graduating in either province, but will also be looking for opportunities in Ontario, and all over Canada. Also, I love snow and winter so that's no problem.. looking forward to it in fact.

I know Alberta is ranked higher overall than Manitoba, but I've read many posts saying that a law degree is a law degree, so I'm not sure how much I should weigh that in. It seems Manitoba has a tighter engagement with other lawyers and judges (which is particularly interesting to me.. there is an opportunity to shadow judges in first year), and they have a smaller incoming class. Both schools have interesting clinical opportunities, which is more appealing than moots (although the NHL one at Manitoba seems fun).. but I like to stay busy so I'm open to anything that gives me experience. Alberta's SLS seems to be a guaranteed opportunity, with a good reputation.

When applying, I did my best to be open-minded to any and all opportunities, which is why I see the value of both schools! I will be visiting both campuses within the next month to see how I feel about each one.. but any advice is appreciated! Thank you.

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I am going through this dilemma as well.

For you, I think it all comes down to where you want to live long term…in which case, I think UAlberta would be a solid choice based on comparing locations alone. I think visiting both campuses will give you more clarity! Good luck!

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