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Hello everyone! I'm new to this page and. I have seen really helpful information here and I'm glad that you all are so helpful! I just graduated from Uwaterloo from Liberal Studies with an 82% which is considered a distinction. Just wanted to know if this much % is competitive for law schools in Canada? I still have to give my LSAT and just started preparing. I'm planning to apply to many schools like UOFT, Alberta, Windsor, Western, TMU etc. Also to get more competitive how much LSAT should I aim for? and also any other tips would really help! Thanks once again! And please pardon me for any mistake!

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Best advice is literally to aim for the highest LSAT score possible. I find Canadian law schools to be somewhat unpredictable these recent years with their stats. With all the law schools you have listed, some may put more weight on the LSAT as opposed to the GPA (vice versa). Some schools also look at the application as a whole, holistically. 
Your GPA seems to be competitive for some schools, but if you bomb that LSAT, the GPA may not do you any good. 

So, take your time with the LSAT and aim for the highest score. From there, work on your applications etc. 

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