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USask vs TRU (a different perspective)


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I realize there is an identical comparison directly underneath this one, however, I have somewhat of a different situation and wanted to gain some perspectives on the best course of action.

While I am a BC Resident looking to practice in BC, my dilemma arises from both the cost of living and transferability for 2L. Law school, in general, is expensive and given the expected career outcomes, I suppose the additional costs associated with TRU's tuition and housing aren't necessarily a huge problem. Nonetheless, I am in a financial situation where I will ultimately be relying on student loans to fund the entirety of my education and the prospect of saving about $5,000 ($17,000 vs $22,000) per year on tuition is attractive. This in tandem with the surprisingly high rental costs in Kamloops has made me consider this more seriously than I may have otherwise. 

Secondly, the prospect of transferring to say UBC or UVic is another consideration I am not super familiar with. I have heard anecdotally that transferring in general can be quite the challenge so any information on the general statistics of this as well as whether a 2L application from USask vs TRU would make any difference would be greatly appreciated. 

Overall, I have spent my fair share of time perusing this forum (and many others), and the common denominator seems to be: study where you want to practice. I suppose I am wondering if that statement remains true even when considering these particular factors. I feel I may already know the answer but some second opinions don't hurt. Thanks in advance!

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9 minutes ago, Liability said:

Nonetheless, I am in a financial situation where I will ultimately be relying on student loans to fund the entirety of my education

As some reassurance, this is the situation for the majority of law students, most of the advice given is given with this in mind.

You are right to point out that the tuition difference is significant, however some of it will be mitigated by the travel cost going back and forth between provinces. Whether or not that amount is worth it to you is really a personal question.

As for transferring, to be frank, I would not include that as a consideration. The general rule is to transfer, your states should have got you in the first time. UBC really aren't going to care which school you transfer from.

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