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  • Applicant

My recent application was not accepted, and after reviewing my application portal I see that the responsibilities check list was not completed. The portal is a bit cryptic and I thought the "required" line and "responsibilities" line were headings for other forms that were required for other types of applications. The application checklist indicated that all the required documents had been recieved so I didn't think much of it. I even clicked on the "required" line multiple times to ensure I didn't need to do anything more. 

Turns out I needed to click on the "responsibilities" line to open the responsibilities check list. 

My rejection was recieved on May 22, 2024. For my own peice of mind I am just wondering if my application was rejected because I didn't complete the form, or if it was rejected on its merits. 

Does anyone have any thoughts? 

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  • Articling Student

It's hard to know, but I think there is a good chance it might be from a lack of filling out the form. If you post your stats I could give a better idea!

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  • Law Student
Posted (edited)

Hard to know for sure, but I would guess almost certainly that's why, or at least the major contributing factor.

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