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Chance me please! cGPA 3.7 LSAT 165


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Hi! I'm planning on applying next cycle, right now I'm thinking about UBC, UVic, TRU, UOttawa, Dalhousie, and UCalgary.

My cGPA is a 3.7/4.3 or 3.83 with drops and OLSAS GPA estimate is 3.53 

LSAT 165

I have worked throughout my entire undergrad and have decent softs including volunteer experience in a courthouse

Curious to hear any input!

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  • Law Student

UBC: unlikely for general category;

TRU: very likely;

UO and Dal: decent chance;

I don't know about UCalgary, but I heard people said it's hard to predict UCal.


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  • Law School Admit

UCalgary can definitely be difficult to predict, but on their website they do say that their average accepted GPA and LSAT are 3.70 and 164 (https://law.ucalgary.ca/future-students/admissions-jd-programs/assessment-of-applications). Your LSAT is right on the mark so that's great, but your GPA is a little shy of 3.7/4.0.  However, in my experience (I was accepted this year with a 3.5/4.0 GPA and 164 LSAT), your personal statement is really important with UCalgary. So long as you spend a good amount of time being thoughtful about crafting a great personal statement I'd expect you'd have a good shot at UCalgary. I also applied to UO and UBC this year and I was accepted at UO and rejected at UBC (OLSAS had my GPA at 3.37).


Good luck!!


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