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Summaries/Outlines bank (help)


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Hi all,

I know that many law students recommend asking upper years for their summaries/notes/outlines -- however, I'm a 2L at Lincoln Alexander (Ryerson Law) and we have absolutely zero test/outline/summary banks or upper years to ask since I'm part of the very first class. 

Wondering if anyone would be able to share with me their school's outline/summary banks to help me out with this problem. Thanks😀

(Specifically looking for IP, business, real estate, and tax for this semester)

While I'm at it, not even sure if this summaries bank is up to date but if any Osgoode students are here and able to share the password to this OneDrive below that'd be much appreciated:


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I don’t think practice exams from other schools are necessarily helpful. They’re usually tailored to the prof and can vary widely across sections. You might be able to get practice exams directly from your prof even without an exam bank.


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