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GPLLM in Canadian Law in Global Context


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I have a few questions for anyone that has knowledge regarding the admissions process. I will provide a little context before I ask my questions. I am entering my second and final year at a law school in the UK. I have seen that the minimum requirements for the program are a mid-B average in your final year. The equivalent to a mid-B average from a UK law school would be about 60%, which is an upper second class mark (2:1). By these standards, I had a competitive average in my first year and plan to do more of the same this year. Let's assume my average for this upcoming year is between 65-70% (although I am striving for at least a 70% average). 

Firstly, would the averages I have listed above be competitive enough for admission into the program? I know I meet the minimum requirements but I have heard admission into this program is pretty competitive. If you have been admitted to the program, please let me know what your average was.

Secondly; not sure if anyone would know this, are all components of the application weighted equally (personal statement, grades, and references), or are grades the most important factor? Additionally, which references do you think would make for a stronger application, professional or academic (I was planning on doing one of each)?

Lastly, what kind of things should I include in my personal statement? I know they mention stuff you should include on their site, but I'm wonder what those of you who have been admitted focused on in your applications. 

Thanks in advance!

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