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Canada Post and Russian Post - comparison


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Hello, my name is Andrey, I am Russian student in law academy and lawyer at Russian Post (russian company).

Now I'm trying to write research about comparison of russian and Canadian post regulations. I have seen the list of regulations on this site (https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-10/index.html), but mostly this regulations are about letter mail. And this acts have no information about actions of postal worker when people send post - mail acceptance, processing, storage, delivery. Besides acts have not so much information about parcels.

Do Canada have special acts about shipping and sending parcels? Or this sphere is not regulated by legislative athority and Canadian Post has its own rules of sending parcels?

Could you help me to find some sources to research Canadian post regulations. Besides it will be great if you send me Canadian research (some scientific works) about your regulations shipping and sending post.

So finally my questions are:

1) what act regulates procedure of sending and deliviring letters and parcels (act, where i can see rules for postal workers, when people send post - mail acceptance, processing, storage, delivery)

2) do you have scientific work or some researching about legal regulation of canadian post. Maybe works of canadian lawyers or students. i really cant find it.

I wish you can help me.


Sincerely, Andrey

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