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Please post your acceptances and stats below using the following

Acceptance date: 


LSAT score:

Note: UCalgary uses their own 4.0 AGPA, not OLSAS. This slightly inflates an A letter grades to a 4.0. See this document on how to calculate your GPA accurately: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/gpa-faq.pdf


I've gone ahead and crawled through a few .txt archives of LS.ca and compiled the 2021 UCalgary acceptances into a spreadsheet (Bless google cache data but my god is the formatting terrible to parse through). This data seems to be be complete including data up to mid-May. Here are the summary results.


Some applicants did not specify if their GPA was AGPA or OLSAS so they were all treated as AGPA. Summary data does not seem to present a great difference between the LSAT scores of accepted applicants across GPA bands. LSAT and GPA scores did not seem to predict when an applicant would receive an acceptance letter either. The only noticeable factor in determining when acceptances were sent out was the rough order in which applicants had both their applications submitted and whether or not their LSAT was written by then.

The min and max data represent 4 different splitters who all had a GPA or LSAT under the 25% and the other above the 75% mark.

Data analysis from me: Compared to the 2019-2020 cycle acceptance thread, average L2 GPA increased only by .03 while LSAT scores increased by 3 whole points. The competitiveness this cycle at UCalgary is likely due to LSAT score inflation instead of increased applicants otherwise we would see a greater delta in L2 GPA. Despite applicant volume increases, it seems that most excess applicants had GPAs under the historic GPA averages for the school. Given that the majority of applicants for UCalgary write their LSATs in the fall/winter of the respective cycle, and that the LSAC have said that the lengthening of the LSAT come this August will "reset" the curve, I predict next cycle will see a decrease in the average accepted LSAT, but still above the previous 161 average. 

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