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Can you transfer from Bond University to Canadian law school?


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To answer your question first: I looked at a few school's websites, and they explicitly state that to be eligible for transfer, you have to have done your first year at a Canadian common law school. I don't know if this applies to all of them, but you can find out for yourself if the school you want in particular allows it. You can only transfer after 1L. 

I've seen you make a few posts this morning, all of which lead me to believe your application was put together on short notice. Unless you've already tried the LSAT several times and can't improve, there's no reason you can't put more effort into your application next cycle to get into a Canadian law school. You don't need to be in any law school that'll have you as soon as possible. If you genuinely can't improve on the LSAT and your GPA at no point in your academic history is better than what you've stated, you should consider that even if you get into law school somewhere, it may prove difficult for you.

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Whist inspired me to check my school's website and while it seems that they don't outright forbid transfers from foriegn schools, I would not count on it. And I would especially not bet on it, which is what you're doing if you go to bond. You're making a $63,000 a year bet. 

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