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Dal vs. UNB


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Hi everyone,

I know that there has been some comparisons of these 2 schools before, but I was hoping for some more recent feedback.

I guess my question is pretty to the point: Is Dalhousie worth the almost $20k more in tuition over UNB?

I am from the Atlantic region, but am unsure where I want to end up, although staying close to home for school would be the ideal. I'm also a mature student (30), so this is an early career change for me and $20k extra is definitely not a small amount of extra debt to take on. I will mostly be supporting myself on my LOC, and maybe the occasional familial support (not expecting much in terms of student loans as my partner's income is fairly high).

I understand that Dal has a better national reach, OCIs, and perhaps more opportunities generally speaking as it's a bigger school, so I guess I'm wondering if the return on the investment is worth it (especially at my age).

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