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Best Scholarships?


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Hey all!

Just wondering what sorts of scholarships exist outside of entrance scholarships. Does anyone have experience with scholarships that are offered by companies to students from any law school? Specifically for students going into 1L?

Thanks in advance!

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You have to google. Spend time applying to scholarships like it a full-time job. I ended up with a sizeable amount because of this. A lot seem to close by March 31, so start doing this now if you know where you are going to school in September. 

Just google key words like "Scholarship June 2023 Canadian". It will help find some that are for Canadian students that close in June 2023. 

Look for things related to the communities you might be a member of. Eg. where you live (rotary clubs), ethnic communities, clubs you have been a member of. It really turns into what feels like a full-time job and sometimes it pays off. 

A lot of schools will publish external scholarships on their financial aid websites. Also explore those. You don't need to only look at the lists published by your school. Look at the lists published by other schools. 

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