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With what score would you retake the LSAT for next cycle?


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I only applied to one school (UVic), got waitlisted and probably won't get in. I scored a 163 (83rd percentile) on my second try (159 first), and just finished up my last semester to bump my cGPA above 4.0.

Should I focus on retaking the LSAT this year? I was PT'ing above 170 but the real tests always seem to have one insanely hard section so improving my score is by no means a guarantee. How would it look to a school if I didn't attempt to improve my score before next cycle?

 I also plan on applying to a few more schools this year.

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My journey: 159 June 2022 (after two months of studying), 161 in October 2022 (after 6 months and PTing exclusively in the high 160s/low 170s), and 166 in January 2023 (after 9 months and PTing in the same range but I felt I had a more solid grasp of things).

I believe the 166+ or anything 90th percentile and up goes a long way to make things easier in the application process. I got accepted to Allard and will be going there but I also got an offer from UVic (inclusive category) with my 166 and 3.85. I declined the UVic offer quite some time ago and I hope you get in off the waitlist.

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