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Transferring from U.S T30 to Canadian school


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How doable is this ? I know there are schools that allow transfers from the U.S and some that don't, but how likely is it ? And how high of a GPA is generally required ?

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If you're already at a T30 in the U.S. and want to come back to finish your degree in Canada, it's really hard to say how likely it is that you'll be able to transfer successfully. There's not a lot of data out there to work with because it's not often done. You might get the answer that it's unlikely for a given transfer attempt to be successful on the basis that trasnfers rarely happen, but that's not necessarily true. The best answer I could give you is that you're unlikely to be able to reliably determine how good your chances are, let alone what GPA is required, without getting insight from your current school and the schools you plan on attempting to transfer to. 

If you haven't started law school yet I would advise strongly against aiming for this path. If you get into a U.S. T30 school it is overwhelmingly likely you can get into a Canadian school and save yourself the headache/complexity/uncertainty of trying to transfer. For example, Boston University (U.S. school #27) has medians of 3.84GPA and 170 LSAT, while U of T (Canadian school #1) has medians of 3.90GPA and 167 LSAT.

It makes more sense to start the degree where you want to graduate, and with some rare exceptions, in the country where you want to practice law. In the law school context alone, there's no point in learning the Erie doctrine or case law on the application of the Supremacy Clause if you're going to have to learn Canadian civil procedure and the Canadian constitution and Charter from scratch later. It might broaden your perspective but it will also mean you're missing foundational knowledge that you're assumed to have in 2L and 3L. 

Best of luck and remember that if you're at or end up at law school in Canada or at a U.S. T30 you're likely in a great spot!

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