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Insufficient single-semester courses


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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone here could help me out with my current predicament:

I graduated with a 90-credit (three year) degree in 2021. TMU is my top choice for law school as many aspects of the school align with my goals and values. The problem I'm having is I've just realized that I do not meet the following admission eligibility requirements:
A) Best 20 single-semester courses to calculate GPA
B) 30 one-semester courses to be eligible

Due to my programs credit requirements, I have multiple (mandatory) full-year credits (6.0 weight over 2 sems). I have no idea how to rectify this without having to commit to returning to my degree and completing the remaining credits to fulfill a 4-year degree. Additionally, does anyone know if there's a difference in "single semester courses" vs. "one semester courses"?

Note: I will not be applying until November 2024

TIA for reading and any help you can offer!

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On 9/7/2023 at 7:54 PM, InVeritateTriumpho said:

I have multiple (mandatory) full-year credits (6.0 weight over 2 sems)

This isn't an issue. A full year course is just treated as to two single-semester courses for the purpose of counting credits, best 20, etc.

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