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Can u give me some advice?


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I'm an international university student and my gpa is 3.91/4.3 (3.77/4.0 if i turn to cgpa, i'm not sure tho)

How much LSAT score do u think that i have to get "at least"?

There is nothing much for experience, i'm just a normal university student with only studying and some part-time job

My target score is 160+, and is it enough for Osgoode?

I don't have much information about it so i would be very grateful if u help me

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  • Law Student

Hard to say what "enough" is. Osgoode is very holistic (and they're not just saying that, like many schools. They really are.).

Your GPA is decent. If you get 160+ you should be relatively competitive with a strong personal statement.

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