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UK vs. Australian law schools


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Hi everyone,

To those who have completed a 2 year JD/LLB either in the UK or Australia, what made you choose the specific school you attended?

Specifically for Canadian students, there seems to be a vast array of schools in both jurisdictions who offer these programs.

Differences being tuition etc. are all welcome.


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  • Law Student

Do you want to practice law in Canada? If so, it is not a good idea to study law in not-Canada. The "vast array of schools" that advertise to Canadians are a predatory.  Read any of the past threads about this.


If you actually want to practice law in the UK or Australia, I would recommend that you pick a school that is aimed at English or Australian students, not one aimed at Canadian students.

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  • Law Student

2 year LLB will in fact be a much longer road to practicing than going to Canadian law schools. There is a vast array of foreign law schools because students apply to LLBs right out of high school in the UK, the 2 year version just preys on Canadians who think it’s an easier path.

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  • Lawyer

I did a three-year JD in Australia and my Bachelor's in Canada. 

If you're going to apply to aus schools make sure they are highly ranked law schools, since Australia has a lot of law schools it's important to keep an eye out for this. 

This would also make it easier to get a job after graduation because you went to a highly regarded Uni (ie. uni melb/monash). 

I got a job at a law firm a week after my final law school assignment. But if you want to practice in Canada it is best to commit 5 years to Australia, finish your law degree, complete your PLT, and get your practicing certificate in Australia. This will help with your NCA accreditation; if you have a practicing certificate and worked for 10 months in Aus you can apply for an articling exemption in Ontario since you were a practicing solicitor in a commonwealth country. 


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