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Lateral to Corporate - Indecision about Firm


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Hi, first time posting here so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area.

Without giving away too much information, I'm a current junior associate at a heavily real estate focused firm doing commercial RE and a little bit of corporate work on the side. I am looking to lateral into a more business law focused firm as I want to pursue corporate law rather than real estate. I am an internationally trained non-Canadian lawyer so I don't know too much about firm reputations beyond the big guys. I may have a potential opportunity with Beard Winters but from what I've researched they seem to be an insurance/litigation focused shop. I understand the market isn't the best right now, especially in corporate, but I don't want to jump to another firm if they do not have an active and respected corporate practice. I'd likely be leveraging a client's billings to get me a position at Beard Winter if I were to follow-up re: this opportunity, so I don't want to waste the client's and firm management's time setting up meetings, etc just to find out they are not a corporate focused firm. 

Could anyone shed some light on Beard Winter's corporate practice/reputation?

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This is coming late so I'm not sure if it is at all helpful, but thought I'd chime in. 

Yes, Beard Winters does have a big insurance practice, but they have a corporate practice too. They are much like Blaney's in that they sort of divide the firm between the two areas. I'm not really in touch with the corporate scene but from what I've heard they have a good reputation.

Likely you've already found your answer, but it should be pretty obvious after your conversation with the firm what area they're looking to bring you into. 

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Bona fide
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Hoping to add to this thread. 

Does anyone have any advice on what steps they have taken or would take to find a job in a new province?

I am currently a junior working and living outside of Ontario but would like to move to a corporate group at a big-law firm in Toronto. My current practice is varied and I don't know what type of Corporate law I want to specialize in yet. 

I was also wondering whether anyone knew what the corporate associate job market in Toronto is like right now? Work last year was pretty slow so I imagine that would be reflected in the job market. But the market seems to be picking up a bit more and bonuses were recently paid out. 

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Start by looking at job postings in the OR's, seeing what ZSA, Heller, etc., have posted currently.  Not saying this is the best way to get a position, just that it can give you a sense of whether the market is robust or stagnant at the moment.

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