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First time applying for 2024 cycle and I want to know the process for access. My claim is a very very abusive household. Unfortunately I have had to live with my parents and endure them fighting physically and verbally having to call the cops everything u can think of towards each other and even myself. This has majorly affected my undergrad grades and mental health throughout school . I know some will say I should’ve moved out but financially wasn’t possible and being the only child I couldn’t leave my mother either. I just want to know if this is something I can apply access with. If so what kind of documentation would be needed? Also is the access category harder to be accepted than regular? Is it not worth applying through that or mentioning any of this? This is very triggering but I really need some advice. Thankyou in advance.

Edit: I also already applied to Ontario schools without this information only in general. I’m in the process of applying everywhere else in Canada.

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